Jojo Looking for a Cure, Inc. - 19418 N 1300th St. - Effingham, Illinois 62401, United States

Welcome to Jojo Looking For A Cure, Inc.Since August 2016 Party Bus Rentals


We have merged with "Wad It Up Transport" so we now have 10 Buses/Vans/Limo's to choose from. Although we have joined forces, a percentage of all Bus Rentals still go to Jojo Looking for a Cure, Inc. This has been a great opportunity for us here with the Jojo Team and Jojo Looking for a Cure, Inc. Thank you for all your support in the past and future as we grow into a great transitional opportunity.

Contact Wad It Up Transport (Doug Weddell) for bus bookings 618-783-3214



Party Bus in Effingham IL and surrounding areas